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Who we are.

Hi I'm Dave and I'm a nerd. Specifically I'm a computer nerd who thinks the Mac is the greatest computer on the planet (and maybe off but we'll get to that later.) I'm an Electrical Engineer by training and have been working with computers since 1974. At least that's the first I can remember. A PDP 8 with 4k of RAM, punched tape and toggle switched. You could program it in any language you wanted to use so long as it was assembly.

I've worked with CP/M (if you can remember that one.) DOS, a number of mainfraims and UNIX. I actually like UNIX. For many years I worked with UNIX at work and Macintosh at home. So when Apple made UNIX the core of their new OS X operating system I felt right at home.

I 've been a member of the Apple Consultants Network for about 2 years. And Recently I passed the Certification tests and became an Apple Certified Technical Consultant.

I made a reference earlier about systems off of the planet. I've worked on a few. My favorite is in the Terra satellite.